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The Sunrise Group
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History of The Sunrise Group

In 1990, The Sunrise Group began leasing dairy cows in several Midwestern states—Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The very first lease consisted of 15 Holstein cows leased in Illinois.

Over time, it has become apparent that the dairy industry, on a national level, needs an alternative financing source like The Sunrise Group that enables producers to add cows. 

In our experience, many dairy operations are running at only 70% to 80% capacity. With most of their fixed costs already incurred, these dairy farmers need to maximize their facilities to earn a profit. Leasing cows to operate at full capacity makes this possible. In 1999, The Sunrise Group expanded to serve the 48 continental United States. 

Our success is in direct proportion to our customers being successful. We realize how important it is for dairy farmers and The Sunrise Group to work together as a team. Through the years, many dairy farmers have become our repeat customers and obtained additional cow leases. These past customers have indicated that leasing has contributed a great deal to their success.

Our management team has many years of dairy farm experience. We are familiar with dairy farms and the hard work that goes into operating a successful dairy business. Because we feel the family farm is extremely important to American agriculture, we remain committed to the dairy industry, and will do our best to help preserve these farms for future generations.

How the Program Works

Lease term: Cows are typically leased for 48 months.

Monthly lease payments are made through a milk assignment from your milk sales. Payments are based on the value of the cows you select.

Upfront costs: A minimal deposit payment is required at lease signing plus a nominal documentation fee.

Offspring of leased cows: Customers own all bull calves when they are born. Heifer calves must be retained during the lease term. If the residual is paid by the lessee (dairy) at the end of the lease, ownership is transferred to the lessee.

Lease end:  There are a number of scenarios for the end of a lease.  Some include the option to either purchase at a stated amount or at fair market value, to renew the lease at the end of the original lease term, or return the cows with no further obligation.   

How You Qualify with The Sunrise Group

You currently own and manage a successful dairy herd.

You operate a well-managed dairy farm. The number of cows you could lease is determined by factors such as feed, labor, expansion capability and your credit history.

You need to complete and sign a Sunrise Group lease application and submit a current financial statement.

You must submit a copy of your last two years of federal tax returns (first two pages) plus Schedule F.

Our funding source approves your lease application.

The Sunrise Group Leasing Process

Upon approval, the lease documents are prepared. A representative from our company will then meet with you personally to explain each document and answer any questions you may have. You locate the cows you wish to purchase and upon receipt of an invoice, money is paid for the cows. You will immediately start to benefit from filling your dairy, and in 30 to 60 days after we pay for the cows, we will begin receiving a milk assignment.

The Sunrise Group Mission Statement

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